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Future of Connected TV Report Gives Insight into the YouView Project


The delayed YouView project, an ambitious venture backed by media heavyweights the BBC and ITV, is in danger of becoming obsolete before it is even launched, finds Business Insights.

In a new report, "The Future of Connected TV" by Business Insights, the independent analyst claims that the fact that the launch date for YouView has been pushed back from 2010 to 2012 means that it could be overtaken by new technologies and services before it even comes to market.

YouView has promised to change the way viewers watch TV forever by offering a choice of live broadcasts or catch-up video. It is backed by seven partners, including the BBC, ITV, BT, and Channel 4, and set-top boxes based on its software were originally scheduled to be available by the end of 2010.

Tony Glover, author of the report, said: “The fact that the launch date for YouView has been pushed back from an original deadline of 2010 to 2012 indicates big roll-out problems. The initiative is in danger of becoming obsolete as a result of this long launch delay.

“Two years is a long time in internet terms and an offering that may have been timely last year may well have been bypassed by other technologies and services by 2012.”

The consortium of companies involved in YouView is investing more than £115m in its development, and the BBC had committed to YouView for the next chapter of its TV deployment. However, project chief executive Richard Halton has been reluctant to set a date for the pushed-back launch, leading industry watchers to predict further potential delays.

Mr Glover added: “YouView has much in its favour and has the opportunity to steal a march on bigger competitors by offering a superior service that is also easy to access by the mass consumer market.

“However, there is a major issue in the continued delay of the launch of the project, which could render it obsolete In addition, having so many major players involved could lead to disagreements and the inability to forge a clear business strategy and stick to it.”

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