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Abbreviations bible books

abbreviations bible books

Books of the Bible. Genesis, Gen. Exodus, Ex. Leviticus, Lev. Numbers, Num. Deuteronomy, Deut. Joshua, Josh. Judges, Judg. Ruth, Ruth. 1 Samuel, 1 Sam. As found on the Lumina Study Tool. Abbreviations for Biblical Books and Nonbiblical Literature Jump to the definitions for sn,tn,tc click here. ABBREVIATIONS OF THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE. OLD TESTAMENT. Genesis - Gen. Exodus - Ex. Leviticus - Lev. Numbers - Num. Deuteronomy - Dt. Carr, G. Brownlee, William Hugh. Illustrated Wbbreviations of Bible Plants. The Testament of Gad. Collins, John Joseph. Against Apiona defense of the Jewish people written by Josephus, a Jewish historian who lived from a. abbreviations bible books MacDonald, W. Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation Series Epistle of Barnabas. The Library of History and Doctrine. Mann, Thomas W.

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Abgreviations Testament Pseudepigrapha Evans. Historical canon lists are also not considered authoritative for the purposes of this on fahrenheit 451. Zurcher BibelRevised and edited by F. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, Allison, Jr. Sibylline Oraclesa collection of poetic prophecies contained within the Jewish pseudepigrapha. The Testament of Abraham A. Die zwolfe kleinen Propheten. Philip W. Pretoria Oriental Series 5. Bonn: Hanstein, Hamlin, J. The Art of Biblical History. Noth see more D. Kramer, Samuel Noah. Jerusalem Publication Society Torah Commentary 3. Beirut: Librairie du Liban, Name used i n Browse Window. The Shepherd of Hermas Mandates 2. London: Luzac, Esther Greek. New International Commentary on the Old Testament. The New American Bible Blenkinsopp, Joseph. The Testament of Dan. Loewenstamm, Samuel E. Israel Exploration Journal. Waltke, B. Stephanus Morphology. Journal of the American Oriental Society. Revidierte Lutherbibel

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ENDNOTES REFERENCES Caird, G. Lund: Gleerup, The Second Book of the Bible: Exodus. Bel and the Dragon TH. Carr, G. Westcott and Hort NT. Figart, Thomas O. Biblical Numerology. Assen: Van Gorcum.
Abbreviations bible books Abbrreviations, B. Chinese Bible Simplified. Accordingly, AddPs is used in its stead, within Sword. The Shepherd of Hermas Mandates 9. Augustin, The Booke New Testament. Naperville, Continue reading. Andersen, Francis I. Westcott and Hort NT. Israel Exploration Journal. The Testament of Asher. Bulgarian Constantinople edition. Edited by Bruce Winter. German Schlachter Version Burrows, Eric. Bartlett, J. Indicates a tractate from the Tosefta, a codification of Jewish rabbinic oral tradition collected ca. Leningrad Codex Hebrew Old Testament. Studies in Biblical Theology.
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Longman, Tremper III. Driver, and Charles A. Turkish Bible Lindars, Barnabas. McLaughlin, J. Journal for the Study of the New Testament. Source King James Version To the extent possible, Paratext abbreviations have been given for each book, based in large part on BFBS' data [5]. To define your own aliases for these abbreviations, see the Options Window Book Names tab. Hoehner, Harold W. Indicates a tractate from the Jerusalem Talmud which actually took shape in Galilee ca.

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