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Geography writing prompts

geography writing prompts

Writing prompts for civics, world geography, world history, U.S. history, eco- nomics, and government are aimed at students in the high-school grades. Search by Subject: Social Studies Clicking on the picture will take you to the prompt eventually. However, we're still putting this thing together. Apr 12, So dive into the hundreds of writing prompts below — and let us know in the comments .. Does Geography Skill Make You a Better Citizen?.

Geography writing prompts - was

Should Https:// Be Legal. When Do You Lie. What Would You Grab in a Fire. Do You Geographu a Homework Therapist. Writing Prompt Opinion Essay: Have students choose an rpompts landmark in the United States and write an essay explaining why this landmark would be a for literature review research paper example opinion place to visit. If your class had to pick a class president for your grade or school, who do you think would make a good candidate and why. Do Machines Represent a Threat to Humans. Entering your story is easy to do. What Do You Collect. Do you think this person would get enough votes a majority to win the election. Are You Allowed to Date. Doctored Photos: O. Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered. Grade Level. Admittedly, the list is huge. Are Models Too Skinny. Is Your Bedroom a Nightmare. What Are You Afraid Of. Is Student Debt Worth It. Have students explain their choices. geography writing prompts

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