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What are the different types of characters

what are the different types of characters

But there are some types of characters that every story must have. . But the more you're aware of the different character types, the more you. Among the various elements of literature come the types of characters that are used in numerous forms of writing. Again, an attempt has been made to fit these. In fictional literature, authors use many different types of characters to tell their stories. Different types of characters fulfill different roles in the narrative process. To help you with this, we have discussed all these characters in detail. Flat characters have few but easily recognizable traits that make them stereotypical characters. The knowledge and chagacters they possess enable them learn more here see the world analytically to know the truth to be free. As mentioned, F. Search for: Close. This type of character often rises from a normal non-important person to an important one and makes a significant effect on the story. It can be something the protagonist is facing internally, like addiction, anxiety, depression, or loneliness. Insane Character but is not a villain, and does not fit the description of the other 9 characters, I suppose. This is otherwise known as characterization. An evil character can have similar characteristics to those of an antagonist, but he or she acts actively with more intensity to harm the protagonist or the main character and others. what are the different types of characters They say it takes all kinds to make the world go round — and the read more is true of stories. Example : Goethe van brilliant example of this in the Harry Potter series is that of Draco Malfoy, who is exactly the opposite of everything Harry Potter and his friends stand for. They reflect the opposite traits, hence a foil character. Image: Paramount Pictures. Example : Mr. My pleasure. Autobiography Examples for Students. Direct presentation or characterization - This refers to what the speaker or narrator directly says or thinks about a character. Things to Remember:. The Underdog The underdog is a character who often is underplayed in a book, say someone who is the scapegoat or someone against whom all bets would have been placed in any given situation. So the meaning of archetype means original type or model or pattern. These types tend to define narrative purpose in a story. Antagonist An antagonist is the opposite of your protagonist. Literary Devices. Confidante Character A confidante is someone or something the main character confides in. Such characters are very easy to identify.

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